The Basics with Mike Anderson

Not a National Champion, but he
plays pretty well!!!

No experience required.

We will explore the dulcimer and focus on
strumming and coaxing melodies out of the
instrument. Lots of tunes! Becoming
comfortable with the mountain dulcimer will
be a priority including using different types
of picks, keeping it on your lap, and the
feeling of “becoming one” with your

Bring all the questions you've been afraid
to ask!

I'm Not a Beginner Level

At this level of playing we will continue to reinforce
the basics of good strumming and noting but  
moving  the focus to:

* Melody Playing:  moving from one note melodies
to melodies with chords and melodies across the

*Rhythmic Concepts: playing tunes in different time
signatures (duple and triple)

* Chords: repeating shapes, both two and three
finger chords, both major and minor chords

*Keys: use of the capo to play in different keys

*Music Theory: deeper understanding of how the
music and tab is generated so you can play from
lead sheets

2019 National Champion!!!

Are you ready to take your dulcimer
playing to a new level?

Level 3 classes will emphasize playing technique
and new songs to conquer to challenge you as a
growing player. Classes will include:

From Bum-Diddy to Rock-n-Roll - strumming/picking
hand technique to make you a more versatile player.
Emphasis will be on accuracy of picking individual
strings and creating rhythms outside the norm for
most mountain dulcimer players.

Playing Upside Down!  a workshop on playing
inverted chords in DAd.  The workshop will focus on
building proficiency in playing out of inverted chords
through skill-building exercises and learning songs
which emphasize the technique.

Accidental Instrumentals – how to handle those
pesky accidentals (sharps & flats that are not part
of the key), especially when there are no frets on
your dulcimer to play them. Workshop will include a
few popular songs that force you to play them.

When Irish Eyes Are Weeping For centuries,
tragedy was a way of life for the Irish. Some would
argue it may still be. This is a Celtic repertoire
workshop of sad, sad songs from the emerald isle.
Learn to play Irish songs that will make people cry
in their Guinness!

100 Park Blvd. Chillicothe, IL (just north of Peoria, RT 29)