Mike  Anderson Dulcimer Videos
adult  $200
Dulcimer Music Stage Set #1  
25 minutes     Drunkard's March, I Wish I Were a Cowboy, Clayville Morning, Big Storm
dulcimerguy@gmail.com   217 473 5889
Family Shows
All ages  prices vary

SRP #1        https://vimeo.com/419179604/2a4d0a6ec7
30 minutes        Jaw harp: “Worms Aren’t Crunchy” “Oh, Suzanna.”
Dulcimer:  “Itsy Bitsy Spider” “I Dropped It”
Bones:  “Crawdad Song”       Story: “I Want Some Money”

SRP #2   STORY      https://vimeo.com/419317655/b14c28be1f
17 minutes     “Lazy Jack”

SRP #3    SONG        https://vimeo.com/419317974/27ffd63e23
3 ½ minutes    Dulcimer:  “The Rabbit and the Eagle”
#1 & #2 young kids, the rest 8 - adult   prices vary

Spooky Stories 3      https://vimeo.com/462906998
38 minutes – These stories are not for the younger crowd.
Three Ponds Lady, McIntyre Homestead, Aunt Jessica’s Story

Spooky Stories 2       https://vimeo.com/447670534/52d7f394f7
31 minutes – mildly spooky   Itsy Bitsy Spider & Icky Yucky Spider (songs), Delivering Newspapers (story), Old
Witch (song), The Ghost Who Needed Glasses (story), Brother John Parody (song)

Spooky Stories 1       https://vimeo.com/447669757/4ef4e7dc00
29 minutes – funny, spooky fun for the early childhood folks
Itsy Bitsy Spider (song), The Big Hairy Spider (song), Scardy Cats (story),
Halloween is Coming (song), Ghost With One Black Eye (story)

Three Ponds Lady        https://vimeo.com/468093004/dcef9fd781
18 ½ minutes – not for young audiences

McIntyre Homestead         https://vimeo.com/468070531/2da005006f
14 ½ minutes - not for young audiences

Aunt Jessica’s Story        https://vimeo.com/468055318/586b99bec7
8 ½ minutes - not for younger audiences
Storytime with Hugo Kringle
all ages, best 7 and down  $200 each  custom shows possible

The Goodnight Train        https://vimeo.com/504630609/1c20387000
21 ½ minutes  Book: Goodnight Train    Songs: "Down by the Station" & "Morningtown Ride"  Early Childhood

Pete the Cat and the Bedtime Blues       https://vimeo.com/505431269/c65af05bd2
16 ½ minutes  Book: Pete the Cat and the Bedtime Blues   Songs: "Warm Kitty" & "Fiddle-I-Fee"

Llama, Llama Red Pajamas        https://vimeo.com/505053570/c85752d472
16 ½ minutes  Book: Llama Llama Red Pajama    Songs: "Aiken Drum" & "Where's Your Mommy"

The Flying Bunnies           https://vimeo.com/513115174/348fd67b66
25 minutes  Book:  "The Flying Bunnies"   Songs: "Rabbit Doesn't Have a Tail" "Froggie Went A'Courtin'"

The Magic Bag         https://vimeo.com/514760266/f5adef1b85
16 minutes    Reading The Magic Bag   Singing "Late Last Night" & "Up on the Housetop"
Mike Talks
family  $75 each

Mike Talks about Crawdads              https://vimeo.com/528873893
4 ½ minutes   A short talk about crawdads and Mike sings the Crawdad Song while playing the bones.

Mike Talks about Bones and Jaw Harps      https://vimeo.com/528906382/49d288a44c
12 ½ minutes A short talk about playing the bones and the jaw harp with examples.

Mike Talks about Banjos and Mountain Dulcimers          https://vimeo.com/529047031
10 minutes       A short talk on the banjo and the mountain dulcimer.

Mike Talks to a Luthier   https://vimeo.com/529832501/80a980330a
10 minutes    A visit with Steve Endsley - master dulcimer builder
Hugo Kringle
all ages, best 7 and down   prices vary

Hugo’s Coming to Town #1       https://vimeo.com/475785550/0c8e49002c
30 minutes   Jingle Bells Story: The Magic Bag Santa Claus Is Coming to Town Dance Like Frosty
Story: The Magic Pine Cone Twinkle Twinkle.

Hugo’s Coming to Town #2        https://vimeo.com/476454336/2405794164
37 minutes Songs: Jingle Bells, Up on the Housetop, Jolly Old St. Nicholas, Ukulele Christmas,
Late Last Night Stories: The Norn, The Flying Bunnies, The Boots

The Boots       https://vimeo.com/476514146/2126837c8d
9 ¾ minutes   Hugo Kringle, Santa's brother, tells the story 'The Boots' about a mysterious stranger that asks
Santa for boots for Christmas, but gets more than he expected.

The Magic Bag         https://vimeo.com/477313344/1e7d161033
8 ½ minutes   Story: The Kringle Boys are sent into the Woods and meet a Norn.

Dance Like Frosty         https://vimeo.com/477683888/6af7be89d9
4 ¾ minutes   A wonderful sing-along song performed by Hugo Kringle.

Christmas Is Coming        https://vimeo.com/494510304
5 minutes    A fun sing-along by Hugo Kringle

Hugo Kringle Live at Our Town Bookstore 2016         https://vimeo.com/528620466/3a8624b443
45 minutes A wide-ranging show of stories and songs.
It also features everything that happens in a public performance: babies, people, etc.
Purchase entitles you to 2 month usage