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My recordings of olden days.
The Cat Came Back - With his
trusty guitar, banjo, and mountain
dulcimer, Mike sings some of the
classic kid songs and those destined to
be. Whether it’s losing a library book
or hunting for groundhog, this has
something for everyone. By the way,
it has been selected by a couple of
school and daycares as the official van
tape (the one everyone can agree on).

Includes: The Cat Came Back, The
Riverboat Song, They’re Gonna Put Me
in Jail, Wish I Was a Mole in the
Ground, Gypsy Rover, In My Time,
Rubber Blubber Whale, Groundhog, I’m
Gonna Tell, I’m a Little Cookie, and
The Body in the Bag.  
Approx. 40 minutes - ages 3 - adult
contains live video of Mike dating back
to the New Salem Storytelling Festival
and other venues. If you watch closely,
you can see his hair change colors and
slowly disappear!

"The energy of Anderson's
performance shines as brightly as the
August sun."

Big Hairy Spider, Peas, Soggy Frog,
Oh, Groundhog,
I Dropped It! and Warm Kitty

Approx. 35 minutes
SOLO; NOT ALONE -The Mountain
Dulcimer blends so easily with the sounds of
nature, maybe that’s why Mike intertwined
the sounds of the Northwoods and his
artistic style of playing. This recording is
outstanding whether you just want to relax
or want to hear top flight mountain dulcimer
playing unencumbered by other musical

Includes: Will Ye Go Lassie, Hard Times,
Clayville Morning, Coventry Carol, Hamlin, El
Testamin de N’Amelia, The Drunkard’s
March, Southwind, The Boys of Wexford,
Shenandoah, Lincoln at Richmond, Old
French, In the Bleak Midwinter, Simple
Gifts, The Water Is Wide.  
All instrumental - Approx. 47 minutes long
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First time on CD!

-  Stories and Songs for the 7 and under
crowd. This was selected as the official
Illinois State Board of Education's Early
Childhood recording in 2001.

Stories: Samuel and the Butterflies
(published as a picture book in France), The
Big, Blue Frog, Max, Making Grandpa Smile
(published as a picture book in France)

Songs: Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Rabbit and
the Eagle, Froggy Went
A'Courtin', Skip to My Lou, This Old Man

Ages 2-10  Approx. 40 minutes
First time on CD!!

the follow-up to the Cat Came Back.
Guitar, Dulcimer, and Banjo. Mike continues
to bring classic folk music to kids. A classic

Includes: Soggy Frog, Elmer & the Bear,
Waterbound, How 'Bout a Moose?, Cindy
Cindy, Jimmy Crack Corn, Tell My Ma,
Morning Town Ride, Aiken Drum, Froggy
Went A'Courtin', Late Last Night, The
Fox, Waltzing With Bears

Ages 2-adult   Approx. 40 minutes
First time on CD

come calling, panthers prowl the farmyard,
ghosts in the cornfield, a detached thumb
in a boy's pocket, not to mention mutant
vegetables and a steamboat's bell.

Stories: Aunt Jessica's Story, The Thumb,
Billy Higgs, McIntyre Homestead, &  The
Last Person

Songs: Waltzing Matilda, Broccoli Man, The
Big, Hairy Spider. & The Ghost Bell

Ages 8-adult   Approx 40 minutes